New Years Resolutions

Here we are in 2017. Wow what a year 2016 was. So many great things happened and I worked on so many awesome projects. You would unfortunately never know that though. Why you may ask? Well the simple truth is I am terribly at blogging. Absolutely the worst. There are those who don't blog and there are those who blog everyday. You may ask, "What about those who have never written a blog in their life? Surely they are worse than you?". No, because they don't mean to blog. They don't say everyday I need to tell you guys whats up and not do it.

I will start this year off slowly as nothing to awesome has happened yet and just say. I plan to write you guys A LOT more. I plan to generate A LOT more content for you all to see. I will edit some old videos I did and post them. I will do everything that I have been saying I will do for a long time.

I will start this new year off by saying congratulations for making it another year and on the last of 2016 I took one of my favorite shots. Its title is "All About Perspective".

2015 Go Skate Day

Go Skate Day is a national holiday celebrated by skateboarders all over the world on June 21st. This year it fell on Fathers day but despite that there was quite a large turnout in Spokane Washington at Joe Albi skatepark. Every year Josh Yandell at Pistole Boardshop set up an event at the skatepark to celebrate skateboarding. He gives out prizes, holds mini contests and even grills up hot dogs for all the people that come out. The event isn't just about food or winning things. It's main appeal is that its the one day, no matter how hot it is outside, that everyone comes together to do what they love. To do what they are passionate about. While most of these guys skate every day or as many days as possible, the vibe is different today. You have everyone from people (like myself) that can barely ollie to the guys that are looking for serious sponsorship sharing a park with no fuss, no localism and no drama. Everyone knows why we are there and everyone shares laughter and smiles the entire day until they are too sore to walk. Below are the photos I shot of the event and I hope they give you an idea of the camaraderie that skateboarding is, especially in Spokane. 

SoCal Part 2

May has come around and I learn that a good friend of mine is leaving the beautiful Pacific Coast for Virginia sooner than later. The dilemma, visit her down there before she leaves or visit her in Virginia. Heading to Ventura won. I decided to do three things in the six days I was going to be there. First, I had to go to Arcana: Books on the Arts and pick up a copy of Heaven, a photobook on Lenny Kirk. Next, shoot a fashion shot with a young model names Avery and utilize the ocean while I was going to have access. Next and last on the list of have to's would be to shoot skateboarding in one of the most progressive areas in the world. 

I had to travel to new areas of the place though to stick to my one new place a month for the next 12 months. First off after hitting Culver City to get my book signed by Dennis McGrath we headed to check out Huntington Beach. It was a nice calm day and kids were practicing for the NSSA finals that weekend. 

Two big things went wrong during the entire trip. The first being the tsunami of a rain storm that almost ruined my fashion shoot. California is in a drought, yet while I was there I managed to get a pound of sand lodged in my camera as well as get my camera and myself completely submerged in the ocean. It was complete hell but I got a shot that made it all worth it. It only took the entire next day to clean all my gear and get all the sand out. 

Friday I spent the entire day cleaning my gear and prepping to work with Morgan Lassely in Sunland and Downtown L.A. Finally I get to shoot what I love in Los Angeles! On the way there we stopped in San Fernando which was a real culture shock. I have never seen anything like it in my limited city traveling. We pick up Morgan and head to a school where I get an awesome sequence and then head to L.A. City Hall to shoot some more. I was using a Canon 7D MkII and a 580EXII Speedlight. 

The next few days I spent enjoying food and company with my good friends because I am definitely going to miss them being even farther away than before. But on the bright side I know one more new place in the states that I will be traveling to before too long. 


Port Angeles, NW CUP

I haven't been blogging lately with the completion of school I have really been focused on that. This month is for April. I decided to head to Port Angeles Washington for the Pro GRT Downhill Mountain Bike races. I was filming with a company called MTB Mania. Amy decided to accompany me on this particular trip. There is a lot of Washington I really haven't seen. My New Place April. 

The even was really awesome and I got to work with some great people and watch some amazing talent rip down the side of a mountain all day. Afterwords it was finding small diners and sitting on the beach watching sunset. I believe I took a little over 2000 photos a day this entire event. Such a grand time. These are the few that I think are best showing a little bit of everything. This trip was pretty a pretty quick one and we spent most of our time either on the beach or watching bikes race. 

Surfs Up!

As most of you know I specialize in Snowboard and Skate photography but I also occasionally shoot other action type sports as well. This past week I was bummed to learn that I wasn’t going to be traveling to Mammoth Lakes to snowboard. I turned that energy right into a positive and decided to head down to Southern California for a miniature vacation. I vowed to travel one new place a month for the entirety of 2015 and I plan on keeping that going into February. I flew into LAX on Wednesday with zero plans except to photograph whatever I could find and explore the new places I would visiting. I stayed with a good friend in Ventura California where she attends Brookes. I explored everywhere from Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Santa Monica all the way up to Santa Barbara. While the film festival was going on in Santa Barbara and numerous other activities were to be done, A friend and myself decided we would go check out an NSSA surf competition on Saturday, Jan 31st.

This is not really as big of a competition as I suspected but it was my first time shooting surfing and I had fun. I used a Canon 7D Mark II, with a 70-200mm F/2.8 and a 2x extension tube. I stayed with a 100 ISO but next time I will definitely bump the ISO up so I can get my shutter speed to 1/1000th or higher. It was a good time and I learned a lot about yet another sport I hope to add to my portfolio before too long. Enjoy.

Justin Bumgarner – Canfield

It has been a crazy few months. While no project has been particularly big I have been doing a lot of work on my back log and a lot of lifestyle type photography. I am really going to make an attempt to update my blog more often. Recently I had the pleasure of working with a local mountain bike rider by the name of Justin Bumgarner. He is a Inland Northwest local and a very talented rider. He called me up out of the blue a few weeks ago and asked if I was interested in filming a short trail part for him. I jumped at the opportunity. The trail system is Canfield in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and the song is Little Quiet Voices by We Were Promised Jetpacks.