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WWSRA Demo and Sullivan Lake

I haven’t been the best about blogging recently and that is partially due to work and school. Its been nearly two months since the last blog and I do need to update everyone. I made a New Years resolution to visit a minimum of one new place a year. While keeping up on the local snowboarding and skateboarding that is what I have been trying to do. Unfortunately with life that isn’t always easy but I have made it work so far. For February it was Bend Oregon. As a snowboarder from the Pacific Northwest you would think that I have been to Mt. Bachelor before. Well, lucky for the me the WWSRA Ski and Snowboard Demo was held there this year. I got to spend two nights and 3 days down there riding and having a blast. We explored town, drank and rode and I couldn’t think of a better way to get introduced to a new town. While there I got a few shots that I fell in love with, the one shown above and the few shown below. Unfortunately the season has ended for most Pacific Northwest Resorts and I am never got my fix.

Next was March. I was fortunate to travel two places in March. Sullivan Lake and Nelson BC but that blog is coming later as I just arrived home yesterday (March 31st). Sullivan is right in my own backyard and I spent two days up there exploring and shooting with my good friends Emily and Colton. About an hour and a half, two hours, we have one of the most beautiful remote places in Washington State. I had never been there despite growing up in the area and I was pleasantly surprised. I really cannot give a reason for never going out there but I am glad I did now appose to never. While myself and Emily hung out around Mill Pond, the following day when I went with Colton we explored a lot more of the area and found some pretty incredible things including a train tunnel and what we deemed the new “PNW Bridge”.

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