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Port Angeles, NW CUP

I haven't been blogging lately with the completion of school I have really been focused on that. This month is for April. I decided to head to Port Angeles Washington for the Pro GRT Downhill Mountain Bike races. I was filming with a company called MTB Mania. Amy decided to accompany me on this particular trip. There is a lot of Washington I really haven't seen. My New Place April. 

The even was really awesome and I got to work with some great people and watch some amazing talent rip down the side of a mountain all day. Afterwords it was finding small diners and sitting on the beach watching sunset. I believe I took a little over 2000 photos a day this entire event. Such a grand time. These are the few that I think are best showing a little bit of everything. This trip was pretty a pretty quick one and we spent most of our time either on the beach or watching bikes race.