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New Years Resolutions

Here we are in 2017. Wow what a year 2016 was. So many great things happened and I worked on so many awesome projects. You would unfortunately never know that though. Why you may ask? Well the simple truth is I am terribly at blogging. Absolutely the worst. There are those who don't blog and there are those who blog everyday. You may ask, "What about those who have never written a blog in their life? Surely they are worse than you?". No, because they don't mean to blog. They don't say everyday I need to tell you guys whats up and not do it.

I will start this year off slowly as nothing to awesome has happened yet and just say. I plan to write you guys A LOT more. I plan to generate A LOT more content for you all to see. I will edit some old videos I did and post them. I will do everything that I have been saying I will do for a long time.

I will start this new year off by saying congratulations for making it another year and on the last of 2016 I took one of my favorite shots. Its title is "All About Perspective".

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